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Mechanical Scales

Mechanical crane scale, reconditioned

Large, easy to read dial

Weighing up to 200kg

The Devon dial scale is a small, lightweight mechanical scale with pole display.

Commonly available in either 25kg or 50kg capacities.

These are very portable and popular with fruitgrowers, shellfish and other farming industries.

Trade-legal under NZ Certification standards.

Only available as secondhand scales.


These beautiful, antique-looking Fan scales are popular in 'top end' coffee shops and eateries of all kinds. 

Fan scales come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and are popular for repetitive weighing of all kinds of products requiring bagging.

And that's why coffee shops love them - they're great for weighing bags of beans.

Fan scales have a speciality use in high explosive areas where electronics are not an option.

Advasco can fit your Fan scale with pneumatic controls for automatic cut-off when used in these dangerous environments.

General purpose mechanical dial scale with displays front & rear

Capacity 50kg

A good basic, reliable cheap scale for freight, general purpose weighing

  • 250kg ~ 500kg
  • Very high standard of accuracy
  • Solid steel backrails
  • Easily renewable hardened steel bearings.

We always have a wide and diverse range of both new and second-hand mechanical scales available.

Just tell us what you need, and we can probably help.


The Toledo 20/20 is a robust compact bench or floor scale.

Being mechanical, it is ideal for use in hazardous areas such as LPG filling, or flammable or potentially explosive chemicals.

While no longer available new, Advasco Scales fully reconditions these units and supplies them with a twelve-month warranty, the equivalent of a new scale.

And Trading Standards certiification, if required.

Normally ex-stock, but subject to availability.

These hard-to-find mechanical scales are popular with delicatessens and cafes who want a scale that catches the eye of their customers.

And, most importantly, is legal for trading off - and these are legal, Trading Standards-certified scales. 

If you're selling product at a farmers market or a craft market, these could be a good choice for you, too - easy to transport and set up, with a clearly visible weight reading making it easy for your marketplace customers to see.

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