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Weigh Plate Adjustment for Avery ABA or BDE mechanical scales

Weigh Plate Adjustment for Avery ABA or BDE mechanical scales


Concerning mechanical scales which weigh 250kg or 500kg and note that 

setting procedure is - with the weigh plate on the scale.


- Remove the cover screw caps from each corner - and you will find these are on top of the weigh plate.


-Screw the adjustment thrust race screws anti-clockwise to LOWER the weigh plate until touching the main scale body and there is no free movement sideways.


-Now slowly screw in clockwise direction to raise the plate evenly a little at a time, until it moves freely sideways in all directions.


-Load weight on scale and check to ensure that it is still freely moving sideways - if not, remove the weight and raise the weigh plate some more. Then reload the weight and try again.  Carry on doing this until the correct height is obtained and the plate is freely moving sideways.


-Make sure that the plate is evenly adjusted and does not rock or tilt from corner to corner - stand on the plate to do this and shift your weight from side to side without moving your feet.


-Once height is correct and there is no rocking, liberally grease the cover screw caps for future ease of removal, and return them to correct place on scale. 



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