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Cleaning Electronic Scales

Here's a list of things you should never ever do to your electronic scale, followed by some advice on how to clean your scale safely.


*   Never ever water-blast any scale, even if it is rated as 'water resistant' - this will destroy the electrical system as effectively as dropping it in a bathtub full of water! 

     And never immerse your electonic scale in water to clean it.


*   Do not use any harsh cleaning compounds, such as hyperchlorites, on the scales when you're cleaning them, and please remove your scales from areas that are being cleaned with harsh chemicals

     - this is because the fumes, mainly chlorine, can even penetrate into a water resistant scale and cause corrosion.


*   Please treat your electronic scale as carefully as you would treat your cellphone - they are both sophisticated electronic instruments.


A good  cleaning procedure is to


1. Create a designated cleaning area and always take your scales there to clean them.


2. Wipe the scale over with warm water and a mild detergent such as dish washing liquid.


3. For harder cleaning a rag soaked in methylated spirits is suitable.


4. Avoid too much cleaning around labels as they will come off over time.


5. For larger scales with a removable stainless top cover, this can be taken off and cleaned more rigorously - provided there are no electronics attached to it.


6. Dry off with a soft clear, and store in a dry area if possible. 

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