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Weighing a Tiny House

Tiny houses are beginning to feature more & more in NZ architecture & as a response to housing issues.  Built to float or to be transportable on the back of a truck, to run on solar energy & take you right off the grid, these homes are only limited by your imagination - and possibly a few regulations.


Advasco was recently asked for help by Tiny House builder Jon, who needed to weigh his Tiny House.  It’s taken about a year to build this one, which Jon’s daughter & her dog will live in. During this period, Jon discovered that the Tiny House was too big to get up the drive, so they had to lay a new & wider driveway, cut down some trees - and then winch it up a very steep hill and around the corner – everyone holding their breath until the Tiny House was safely at the top!  Then there was all the time spent finding lightweight materials to utilise in the building.  These are just some of the entertaining issues you have to think about when building your Tiny House!  Special consideration had to be given to the weight limitations, as this Tiny House sits on a road trailer, which allows a maximum weight of 3500 kilograms.


Weighing the Tiny House was easily achieved by using a compact compression load cell with a battery-powered indicator.  The load cell is placed on a trolley jack and the Tiny House lifted at three points. The total results in a close approximation of the combined weight.


This is a simple solution, easily able to be carried out on site, saving you the cost not to mention hassle of transporting your Tiny House to a weighbridge or similar weighing mechanism.



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