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About Bathroom Scales

Most people do not realise that a bathroom-type scale is not an industrial scale.


Bathroom scales, in particular the low cost ones, are designed to monitor you weight and show it going down or up and they do this very well. They will be close to the correct weight but may be up to 0.5kg out depending on the weight range. However, this is not so important when you are really only interested in how your weight is changing.


Industrial scales are very accurate and can be calibrated to show the correct weight. These are usually found in hospitals and good gyms, but sometimes the scales in chemist shops and doctors surgeries are the monitoring type, not the industrial type.


To check your scale is working okay you need to:


-        have the scale on a hard surface that is level - a concrete floor is best.


-        weigh yourself three times and then compare the second and third readings - if they are the same then the scale is working as it should.


-        the first reading is often slightly different and may be due to the scale start up.



If your scales are both industrial and calibrated, there should not be any issues.


Otherwise, it’s just like when you ask for the correct time and everyone’s watch gives that time a little differently.

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