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Freight Mate - SOLAS Verified Gross Mass - Weigh and Certificate System


Freight Mate (tm) is a complete, automated, weigh and V.G.M certificate system for SOLAS

From July 1st 2016 amendments to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) document ‘Safety of Life at Sea 1974', known as SOLAS, may impact on New Zealand’s legal metrology infrastructure.  SOLAS provides the minimum safety standards in construction, equipment and operation for merchant shipping.
The amendments have introduced a mandatory requirement that all packed shipping containers for export & coastal shipping must have a Verified Gross Mass (VGM)  declaration for use in the stowage plan, prior to being loaded onto a vessel.  If there is no VGM or if the VGM is found to be incorrect, the container is not to be loaded onto its intended ship.  Freight forwarders, vessel operators, container terminal operators, shipping lines, businesses packing directly into containers for marine transport, all need to abide by the SOLAS regulations.
Advasco Scales have a solution!  We have an indicator, scale and software package that weighs, stores and prints a PDF ready for the certification required by SOLAS. Or we may be able to interface with your existing hardware.



Auto-weigh: Hands-free weigh and store.

Parking: Saving and loading of the current job, allowing multiple containers to be worked on at once.

Live Viewing: Multiple Operator and Watcher logins, see changes instantly.

Watcher Login: Want to see what’s going on?  Then login as a Watcher, which gives you access to the current status of each container.  This information can also be easily displayed on a large screen to make it clearly visible. .

Operator Login: Only the Operator is able to alter information.  Nobody else, including Watchers, can alter it.

Security: Admin access, password change and security measures.

Communication: Wireless or Wired, the system creates an in-house only webpage for live editing, saving and printing from your own equipment.


See the software in action

This video shows an Operator screen on the left, and a Watcher screen on the right, to show the differences between each.

Typically only one screen, such as an Operator would be open per computer.

Please note: If the video is fuzzy, you will need to set the quality to 1080p in the settings cog icon, bottom right of the youtube player.

Click here to view


Try the software online

(No downloads nessesary)

Please note: You must be running the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10, or Microsoft Edge.

Operator password: operator

Watcher password: watcher

Admin password: admin

Click here to try the software online



We can customize this software to your unique needs, call or email us.


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