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Retail Scales

The Uni-3’s versatile software functionality – fully loaded, easy and use-friendly - makes this scale a must for butchers & vege shops, wholesale stores and supermarkets.


  • accurate weighing and repeatability
  • label-printing scale
  • comes in both dual range and single range capacities
  • high quality display, blue backlight with white display (alternative available)
  • simple and convenient operation to call up and program 
  • external memory may be added via USB in case of memory expansion for PLU database and/or transaction data
  • simple and convenient operation to call up and program a PLU
  • SLP5 is a powerful server/client PLU management Windows based PC software.  It completes the Uni-3 series and takes it to new heights.
  • supporting mdb or SQL type databases, the GUI is by far one of the most user-friendly software in the retail scale business.

The Ishida UNI-7 is basically a more powerful model of the Ishida UNI-3 scale, with greater memory capacity and considerably more label versatility, including nutritional information.


  • the Uni-7 is equipped with the industry’s first vibration function, which provides clear tactile feedback to your fingertips with each key entry.  Your quicker response time will reduce customer wait  time.
  • equipped with a high-quality 7 inch colour LCD with backlight.
  • can perform real-time communication with the host computer via optional wireless LAN, enabling you to change unit prices and change or abolist products even during operation.
  • uses a front cassette loading method, freeing up more counter space for displaying related products and making it easier to replace labels, and this enables effective cross-merchandising.
  • allows you to pre-select one of five languages list on the selection screen, and you can also select two languages to be printed at the same time, providing your customers with easy-to-follow displays and printing.
  • can issue receipts as well as labels.
  • the Uni-7 memory can be expanded to up to 2GB, allowing you to appeal to your customers with visual information such as data on traceability, ingredients and nutrition, logos and messages, which will be printed on labels.


There are seven applications for the Uni-7 – bench, pole and hanging scales, the self-service Uni-7, elevator type with/without receipt printer and finally the bakery type.

The ER JR Series is ideal for fruit & vege shops, grocery stores & supermarkets. A very useful little scale and great for outdoor markets and farmers markets.

The ER JR is available either with or without a pole display, and can be Trade Approved if required.


  • 4 direct PLU keys
  • weight, unit price and total price on LCD display
  • LCD front and rear displays with blue backlight
  • adopted dual interval technology for better accuracy
  • compact and lightweight
  • daily total function
  • 3 capacities available: 6kg x 1/2g, 15kg x 2/5g, 30kg x 5/10g
  • auto power off
  • power is AC mains or rechargeable battery
  • dust and splashproof protection cover included

The CL 5200 is an excellent retail weighing solution, with large LCD display showing Tare/Weight/Unit/Price, direct PLU and function keys, and user friendly PC software.



  • double-click function provides easy access to the key’s secondary PLU
  • 6,000 PLUs and 1,000 ingredients memory capacity
  • high speed thermal printer for label printing with easy loading printing cartridge
  • flexible & reliable wired network system – TCP, IP and Ethernet,  with various interfacing connections, supporting RS-232c, Cash drawer, wired and USB.
  • 45 fixed and 20 free format label design
  • unique 4-digit ‘Menu Code’ entry pin helps pinpoint desired program field
  • can be purchased either with or without pole
  • power is mains supply only

The CAS CL5500 Series Label/Ticket printing scale is an advanced version of the CAS CL5200, with a fantastic memory capacity of 3000 PLUs, 1000 ingredients plus nutritional information.


  • high speed label printing                           
  • easy label cartridge-loading
  • display shows preset tare/weight/unit price/total price
  • platter size is 320(W) x 246(D)
  • power is AC Mains
  • memory capacity is 3,000 PLU’s and 1,000 ingredients plus Nutritional info
  • 148 speed keys
  • Interface Wired/wireless LAN, USB, RS232c, PS/2, Cash drawer
  • CL Works – very simple software to manage PLU’s
  • dual range capacity 3/6kg x 1/2g, 6/15kg x 2/5g and 15/30kg x 5/1g
  • comes with Trade Approval

This product has been discontinued.  Please take a look at our alternative choices.

  • 6kg / 2g ~ 30kg / 10g
  • Shock and overload protection for longer life
  • Splashproof display and keyboard
  • Efficient, intuitive operation speeds checkout times

This product has been discontinued.  Please take a look at our alternative selection.



  • 6kg / 2g ~ 30kg / 10g
  • Easy-to-clean stainless steel weighing pan
  • Pay change function
  • 2 direct-PLU ; 10 indirect PLU memories

This product has been discontinued.  Please take a look at our alternative selection.



  • 6kg / 2g ~ 30kg / 10g
  • Accuracy of 1/3,000 - Precise results are assured with superb 1/3,000 accuracy.
  • Advanced Computing Functions - Convenient computing function keys simplify calculations.
  • Preset Unit Prices - Store up to 15 unit prices using the preset key

This product has been discontinued. We suggest you consider the Ishida Uni-3 or the Ishida Uni-7 in its place .  Please follow either of these two links for further information.



  • Electronic countertop scales for Deli, Meat, Bakery operations.
  • UPC bar code printing w/ network-ready hardware included.


This product has been discontined. Please take a look at our alternative choices.



  • Versatile function keys allow frequently used prices to be entered quickly
  • A simple software tool allows quick PLU editing and the option to back-up configuration parameters on a PC
  • Expanded memory storage means the Astra can store up to 2000 PLU's
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