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Platform & Floor Scales

Our most popular general purpose scale!

With uses from freight to person weighing, from ingredient to warehouse weighing, the YH-T6 is a reasonably priced scale which will do most of the jobs that most people want done for general purpose weighing.


  • weigh area is 400 x 500mm with a pole-mounted rechargeable battery display
  • typically 150kg x 20g accuracy, with other options available
  • fast, bright display
  • available either as steel or stainless steel structure, with a stainless steel pole
  • water resistant options are available
  • with optional RS232 serial connection, will write to an Excel database. 
  • 3kg / 1g ~ 220kg / 100g
  • Comparator for setting high and low weight targets
  • Optional comparator buzzer for selected settings
  • Setpoint control for simple batching
  • 10kg / 1g ~ 220kg / 20g
  • Comparator for setting high and low weight targets
  • Optional comparator buzzer for selected settings
  • Setpoint control for simple batching
  • OIML certified, zero adjustment, non-linearity & SPAN adjustment with excellent stability
  • Selectable weight unit: Kg, g, lb, pcs, %
  • Tare & pre-tare functions
  • Auto weighing calibration in different applicable settings
  • Sturdy, Stain, Chemical, and Corrosion Resistant Water-proof Load Cell Conforms to IP-67.
  • 30KG and 150KG available with multi interval
  • External buzzer or RS232C and relay output signal
  • 15kg /0.0005g ~ 220kg /0.1kg
  • Triple Range (3 scales in one)
  • Liquid Crystal or Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • Stainless Steel Pipe Style Basework (HACCP Standard)
  • Approved for Trade use
  • Standard RS232C Data Output
  • Available in both standard and stainless form -  which is ideal for wet or  corrosive processing areas.
  • Bright L.E.D. display, fast response
  • Counting function
  • Manual or automatic memory accumulation facility
  • Mains or battery (rechargeable) powered
  • RS232 data output
  • Can be used in damp environments
  • Dimensions: Scale base is 400mm wide x 500mm
  • Hzu XK315 indicator comes with a complete stainless unit base (as shown in our photo).
  • Capacity 60kg or 150kg

Light weight and easy to carry! – this portable bench scale is perfect for home delivery companies, farm products, dried fish, fruit & veges, meat processing companies, schools and fitness centres. 

Equipped with a large LCD display which is also detachable for easy viewing.

The CAS PB is able to be connected to Ticket/Label Printers or a PC via RS-232C interface.


  • portable with easy to carry handle
  • battery operated – 300 hours of continuous use
  • AC adaptor included
  • auto zero tracking
  • auto power-off function
  • RS-232C interface
  • white backlight
  • detachable display
  • capacity: 60kg and 200kg
  • can have Trade Approval

The T-Scale is excellent for check weighing, accumulation, animal weighing and can have a weight-hold function.

Mild steel and die cast aluminium platforms are available.

Battery provides up to 70 hours of continuous use (without backlight).

Options include RS-232 interface, analogue output, setpoint output (HI, OK, LOW, BEEP), Blue Tooth and initial verification.


  • 30kg - 600kg Capacity
  • 52mm digit LCD display with white LED backlight
  • 7 key keyboard with mechanical switch
  • AC adaptor (12V/500mA), rechargeable battery (6V, 4Ah)
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